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Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Driveway Pavers | Pool Patio Fl

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Driveway Pavers | Pool Patio Fl

Fence Sarasota, Brick Pavers Sarasota, Driveways Sarasota








Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Driveway Pavers Tampa Florida

Paver Driveways Sarasota Florida, Driveway Pavers Sarasota Fl

Brick Sarasota Florida | Pool Patio Pavers Sarasota

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida. Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida

Brick Sarasota Florida | Brick Paver Walkways Sarasota

Patio Pavers Sarasota Florida, Patio Pavers Sarasota Fl

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Brick Paver Patios Sarasota

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida, Patio Pavers Sarasota Fl

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Pool Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers Sarasota, Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Brick Paver Walkways

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida, Sarasota Brick Pavers

At Dynamite Fence we also offer brick pavers installation, which on top of our great service and we are more often than not thousands of dollars less than other brick pavers in Sarasota and most of Florida. Give us a call at 813-928-4676 and ask about receiving package pricing for having a fence installed as well as having brick pavers installed.

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Cheapest Brick Paver Installation

We do not sacrifice service for price, despite the low prices. Some of our recent work is pictured above, give us a call today and ask about getting package pricing if your also considering a fence. If you would like to see more pictures of our brick paver work please visit : Brick Pavers Ideas

If you have any questions regarding Dynamite Pavers services offered, the products we use or would like a free quote please call Paul at 813-928-4676

Brick Paver Contact Information

Dynamite Pavers of Sarasota
With over 25 years experience in the Sarasota pavers trade, Dynamite Fence promises our brick and paver installations will exceed your expectations.

Dynamite Fence specializes in commercial and residential brick paver and travertine installations, re-installations, and paver repair. We are also experts in brick, travertine and stone paver repair and remodeling.

As a full service paving company in the Tampa, Sarasota area, Dynamite Fence installs brick pavers for patios, pool decks, driveways, entryways, and more. We extend our services for custom projects as well. Whether you have an existing structure that needs to be replaced, or require a brand new design and installation, we can create a beautiful and elegant masterpiece that you can be proud of for years to come.

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Cheapest Installation in Florida

Because of our low overhead costs, we are able to offer lower pricing on material and installation for our clients projects, often thousands less, so please do not hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate today.

Free Quote – 813-928-4676

Types of Brick Pavers

There are two common makes of block paving brick, concrete and clay. Although other composite materials do exist to make up an individual brick. Each with its own way of preparation that go to make up the construction of a paving brick. The biggest difference between the two bricks is that concrete is hard and ready for use. A clay block has to be fired in a kiln to bake the brick hard and a concrete block paving brick has to be allowed set. See concrete. The concrete paving bricks are a porous form of brick formed by mixing small stone hardcore, dyes, depending on the finished color required, cement and sand in various amounts. There are other materials that can be added to make up a brick but they are specific to each manufacturer. Many brick paving manufacturer methods are now allowing the use of recycled materials in the construction of the paving bricks such as crushed glass and crushed old building rubble to replace the stone hardcore that is used.

Common Brick Paver Designs

There are an incredible amount of brick paver designs that you can choose from. The most common of these is the herringbone pattern. The herringbone brick design is the strongest of the paver designs as it offers the most interlock, making it a good choice for those looking for brick paver driveways or considering a brick paver road surfacing. A herringbone pattern can be created by setting the blocks at either 45 degrees or 90 degrees to the perpendicular. Other popular types of pattern include stretcher bond and basketweave; with the latter being better suited to paved areas that will only receive light foot traffic, due to its weaker bond

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Ask how you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with our package pricing for a new fence, having brick pavers installed or adding an outdoor living space, such as an outdoor kitchen.
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Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Brick Paver Patios

Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Driveway Pavers Sarasota

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Brick Pavers Sarasota Florida | Driveway Pavers | Pool Patio Fl